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We offer access to our network of cryptocurrency nodes to make it as easy and cheap as possible to develop your own crypto-related services and applications.

Custom blockchain solutions

Enterprise-ready and dedicated

Supported Blockchains

Our network of blockchain nodes supports a variety of popular coins with instant access to all available APIs

Bitcoin-like blockchains

Bitcoin Logo Bitcoin
Bitcoin Testnet Logo Bitcoin Testnet
Bitcoin Signet Logo Bitcoin Signet
Bitcoin Cash Logo Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash Testnet Logo Bitcoin Cash Testnet
Litecoin Logo Litecoin
Litecoin Testnet Logo Litecoin Testnet
Dogecoin Logo Dogecoin
Dogecoin Testnet Logo Dogecoin Testnet
Dash Logo Dash
Dash Testnet Logo Dash Testnet
Zcash Logo Zcash
Zcash Testnet Logo Zcash Testnet

EVM-based blockchains

Ethereum Logo Ethereum
Ethereum Goerli Testnet Logo Ethereum Goerli Testnet
Ethereum Sepolia Testnet Logo Ethereum Sepolia Testnet
BNB Smart Chain Logo BNB Smart Chain
Polygon PoS Logo Polygon PoS*
Polygon PoS Mumbai Testnet Logo Polygon PoS Mumbai Testnet*
Gnosis Logo Gnosis*
Gnosis Chiado Testnet Logo Gnosis Chiado Testnet*

Other blockchains

Cardano Logo Cardano*
Cardano Pre-Prod Logo Cardano Pre-Prod*
Cardano Preview Logo Cardano Preview*
XRP / Ripple Logo XRP / Ripple*
Monero Logo Monero*

Notice: Blockchains marked with * are not yet integrated in the Blockbook API and you only get access to the JSON-RPC interface without Blockbook functions

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